Here to make a difference.

Did you know that a staggering 100 million homeowners around the world have had at least one package damaged, lost or stolen in the past year? With the boom in online shopping, opportunists are taking advantage of deliveries.

Ship-Safely’s founders have more than 70 years of combined experience in challenging traditional insurance models, and together with stakeholders have more than 200 years’ experience in CEO, entrepreneurial and senior level management experience.

Having witnessed the frustrations of damaged, lost and stolen goods purchased online from both the consumer and merchants, the team wanted to create a solution that looked after both. The result is Ship-Safely.

Ship-Safely has revolutionised the online purchasing experience to help remove checkout doubt, through its innovative Shipping Protection.

Our mission is to protect

Our mission is to protect:

  • Consumers who in good faith support online retailers, though at the same time are worried they may not receive their goods; and
  • Online merchant’s reputation and bottom line, by offering an innovative Shipping Protection product to protect their customers against damaged, lost or stolen packages.

Ship-Safely manages the contact, replacement and recovery experience, leaving the retailer to do what they do best and grow their business. It provides the online consumer with confidence that they will quickly get what they purchased, in the event they are the victim of damaged, lost or stolen orders.

Our team understands you and your customer’s needs. When you need assistance, you’ll be talking with a team that’s equipped to help you in the best way possible.

What our retailers say about us

“At a point where it was looking like we'd never find a solution to a shipping problem, we came across Ship-Safely at an expo and this is just the service we were looking for. The guys are super helpful, you get to speak with them directly and they go above and beyond to help make the app work for your business. I cannot recommend them highly enough. It's brilliant.”

Frida Rome, United Kingdom – March 29, 2023

"This is a very clever solution for our online store. I am not the most tech-savy person, so I had a little trouble installing on my own. William and the team were amazing at providing support, and the app was installed in our checkout with no issues and works perfectly. I am pleasantly surprised by how many customers want to protect their orders.”

Good Times Marine, Australia – July 19, 2022

“Ship-Safely is a must for an e-comm business. It gives us the peace of mind that our shipments are protected. Ship-Safely steps in if your shipment is lost or misplaced. Sadly, with the high turnover of staff and staff shortages in the courier industries in Sydney, lost or misplaced parcels are becoming more and more common. Ship-Safely has stepped in for a number of our shipments that were lost, not only covered the cost of the items that were lost in transit, but ordered the same order again so that the customer was not left without their uniforms. It is an opt-out service, so the customer has the ultimate decision about whether or not they would like their shipment protected. The low cost for protection means most customers are happy to protect their order. Implementation was simple. Will and the team were a fantastic support throughout that process. Ongoing support is a breeze.”

Focus Uniforms, Australia – February 1, 2023

Ship-Safely is a trading name of Nano Insurance Limited, a licensed insurer authorised to provide Online Marine Transit Insurance in designated countries around the world.