Revolutionising ecommerce with a low-cost way to replace damaged, lost or stolen orders quickly, with no fuss

Ship-Safely's Shipping Protection is backed by 5-star reviews worldwide.

With increasing numbers of people experiencing the inconvenience of damaged deliveries, lost parcels and porch piracy, Ship-Safely removes the headache of replacing items, for both consumers and retailers through its innovative Shipping Protection.

What’s more, the innovative product can easily be added to any online checkout.

Over 60 per cent of shoppers are more likely to trust and buy from retailers that offer Shipping Protection at the checkout*

* Survey of more than 1000 online shoppers in Australia, Antenna Insights, February 2023

A safety net Against the rising tide of delivery issues

Growth of ecommerce has also seen a surge in packages being damaged, lost or stolen throughout the shipping process.

According to recent research, more than 50 per cent of online shoppers have experienced this issue in the past two years.

For buyers, this often creates significant angst and frustration, spending hours on the phone trying to get a resolution, with almost 10 per cent giving up altogether.

For retailers, it costs precious time and resources to manage inquiries from unhappy customers. Even though delivery issues are usually not their fault, retailers often end up footing the bill and losing money on sales in order to keep their customers happy.

Ship-Safely gives online shoppers the option to select low-cost Shipping Protection at the checkout, with the knowledge that they will be able to easily get a damaged, lost or stolen product replaced quickly.

By filling out a simple online claim form and providing basic supporting evidence - such as images of damaged items, tracking information, or a police report for lost or stolen goods - Ship-Safely will place a replacement order within 48 hours, once approved.

For retailers, Ship-Safely will work with your customers to resolve damaged, lost or stolen deliveries, and, once a claim is approved, will cover the cost for replacing such orders. What’s more, it’s free to add the Ship-Safely Shipping Protection app to your online cart across all ecommerce platforms, including your own customised solution.

Ship-Safely doesn’t charge a deductible or an excess, and our premiums start at a fraction of the cart value - see rates information below - ensuring everyone, no matter the value of the purchase, can access Shipping Protection.

How retailers can offer Ship-Safely

01. Create a Ship-Safely account in under 10 minutes, it's free!
02. Find your e-commerce platform and install Ship-Safely plugin.
03. Start offering our Shipping Protection to your customers within minutes.
04. Earn from each Ship-Safely cover purchased from your ecommerce site.

If you still are unsure of how to implement Ship-Safely or uncertain of the benefits it can bring, please feel free to "Contact Us" now for a free demonstration.

How consumers get Ship-Safely

Ship-Safely is offered by your favourite ecommerce retailer as an option at the online checkout. It’s that simple.

If you would like Shipping Protection and your retailer doesn’t offer Ship-Safely, please let us know and we will get in contact with the retailer.

Contact Us

How the Ship-Safely platform works

Ship-Safely’s Shipping Protection costs just US$1.50 for a total cart value of up to US$100. For purchases between US$100 to US$5000, pricing starts from as little as 1.5 per cent.

As an example

Transaction Value A consumer makes a purchase of $250 worth of products in one transaction
Cost for Shipping Protection Consumer pays $3.75 at checkout if they choose Shipping Protection
What we Charge the retailer Ship-Safely will charge the merchant’s credit card $3.75, less any agreed revenue share. This will be charged twice a week.

Integration The platforms we support

Current version: 2.0


  • The original concept — three years ago with BigCommerce is where we started.
  • Easy to implement integration with agreed retail revenue share.
  • Technical support from a real human.
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Current version: 2.0.0


  • Our second iteration of the platform supported WooCommerce.
  • Easy to implement integration with agreed revenue on all Ship-Safely Shipping Protection sold through your store.
  • Contact us to get this plugin
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Current version: 2.0.0

Shopifyplus & Shopify

  • Our second iteration of the platform is optimised for Shopify, for easy integration.
  • Agreed revenue share on all Ship-Safely Shipping Protection sold through your store
  • Technical support from a real human.
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Current version: 1.0.0


  • Our custom plugin optimised for Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento).
  • Custom pricing and revenue share arrangements available for integration.
  • Contact us to get your API key.
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Couldn't see your e-commerce platform on the list or are you running a custom built shop?

Ship-Safely is constantly adding new platforms to the list. We are also able to provide a custom integration if you are using your own bespoke ecommerce solution.

Let's talk.

FAQs You've got questions, we've got the answers.

Does your Shipping Protection offering cover worldwide shipments?
We provide Shipping Protection to most countries. There are always exceptions, so feel free to contact us to check.
Does an online consumer really need Shipping Protection?
Shipping Protection is a personal choice. We are providing shoppers with an added layer of satisfaction, putting an end to needless hounding and providing sellers hours of stressful conversations on resource.
If this is free for retailers to offer, why do they need to provide credit card details?
Unfortunately, no platform allows you to split payments at the checkout.
Therefore, when your customers add Ship-Safely Shipping Protection to their cart, you will collect the payment and, as part of our underwriting protocols, needs to collect from you the value of the premiums less any agreed revenue share to effect cover for the consumer.

It’s that simple.
Doesn’t the postal/courier/carrier service cover damage or lost items in transit?
Most delivery partners are not required to provide any guarantee of delivery and are not legally obliged to provide replacement of such products by law. Unfortunately, the incidence of issues is on the increase, and either the consumer or retailer are often left out of pocket. Ship-Safely can be the answer for your ecommerce store whilst protecting your customers and yourself.
Why do we need your credit card information from a retailer wanting to offer Ship-Safely?
We do not charge retailers for installing our app on your store. Once a customer accepts and pays you for Shipping Protection, we will charge the retailer’s nominated credit card the cost of Shipping Protection, less any agreed commission.